The Sturgeon Lake First Nation is located 48 km northwest of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. The First Nation Language spoken is Plains Cree. As of December 31st, 2001, according to the statistics drawn from the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, the Sturgeon Lake First Nation had a total population of 2,051 members, with an on reserve population of 1,519 members and 532 members residing off the reserve.

Further, the membership of Sturgeon Lake First Nation, not only manage and administer their own programs for education, health, social development, etc. they have also made a number of good sound economic development business investments. As noted in the PAGC Annual Report – Year 2001, the Sturgeon Lake First Nation opened a new gas bar/confectionary in October 2000, and due to its’ success, discussions have now started to expand operations. It was also noted that Sturgeon Lake First Nation expanded operations of its’ Bison Ranch and Amisk Maria/Campground (p. 118).

In addition, the Sturgeon Lake First Nation, affiliated with the twelve (12) First Nations that are the members of PAGC is one-twelfth owner of the Prince Albert Development Corporation that owns a total of three (3) hotels and the Northern Lights Casino building, as well as a number of other office buildings within the City of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Further, the Sturgeon Lake First Nation has invested and now own shares in the First Nation Bank of Canada located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (Leo J. Omani, March 23rd, 2002).