Economic Development

Sturgeon Lake First Nation | FNFP Funded Projects

Community Economic Development Strategy
Creation of Sturgeon Lake Developments Ltd. This would be the corporation that would allow the band to acquire and operate businesses.
Commercial Property Project This is the opportunity to purchase land along with the Vice-Chief John E MacDonald Building
Entrepreneurial Support A funding program to assist members who wish to start their own businesses is being developed.
Entrepreneurial Training The strategy calls for training for members who may be interested in starting their own businesses. Funding and plans are in place to hold these workshops in Prince Albert, Saskatoon and at Sturgeon Lake.
Youth training It is also proposed and funding has been secured to introduce small business training in Sturgeon Lake High School. It was recognized that this support could help the young people in their future plans.
Jobs Once established Sturgeon Lake Developments Ltd will create jobs for members and provide appropriate training.
Profit Distribution A proposed profit distribution formula has been established and will be discussed at the community sessions.
Board of Directors Membership will be determined by Chief and Council.
Examples of Opportunities
Vice Chief John E MacDonald Building A major opportunity is the purchase of the John E MacDonald building in Prince Albert, which includes 3.2 acres of land. This low risk project will generate approximately $350,000.00 per year. The proposed purchase of the property with 30,300 square feet of rental space can be purchased from Prince Albert Development Corporation. PADC will initially provide property management services until Sturgeon Lake Developments Ltd acquire their own management capacity.
Amisk Adventures With assistance of funding from the provincial First Nations and Metis Relations Program the committee has added two cabins to the facility and engaged a tourism specialty firm to determine the feasibility to expand Amisk Adventures. The main focus of the study is to provide a recommendation on constructing a meeting/convention facility. This would build on the existing facilities and allow Amisk Adventures to host meetings, workshops and cultural activities. With the growing demand for these services in the Prince Albert area, the plan would see the operations hosting many of the meetings and workshops for First Nations organizations.
Sturgeon Lake Sand Gravel With recent expansion of economic activities across many sectors including residential and commercial construction and highway expansion the demand for gravel, sand and other aggregates the advisory committee has just recently been looking at this opportunity. With the assistance and interest from Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation recent testing has been completed. The initial results indicate gravel and aggregates in the amount of two to four million cubic meters or 2.6 to 5.2 million cubic years. Potential opportunities include a crusher, washer operations producing a variety of different aggregates and potential for concrete products along with long-term employment and business opportunities for band members.
Other Business Opportunities In addition to the above there are other opportunities being considered that include, partnerships, joint ventures with other organizations and others such as wholesale, retail, manufacturing and hospitality type businesses. Prior to any investment all areas including the cultural and environmental issues must be thoroughly evaluated.