October 2016 update

Portfolio Councilors

– Band Housing, CMHC Housing – Orville Longjohn

Housing Update:

  • In total we received approximately $218,000 to up keep and maintain 149 Band Houses, out of this we need to deduct any RRAP (on Reserve Residential Rehabilitations Assistance Program) equity, this year’s equity requirement was $42,609, leaving $175,391 left for Maintenance.
  • In 2012 SLFN was approved for 3 RRAP projects totalling $61,082, we then picked up 10 more surplus units with a total project cost of $170,802.
  • In 2013-14 in order to address the shortage of money in which we have to maintain Band Housing, from a list of the 20 houses that were in dire need of renovations, we selected 7 that we would replace on the same site with new Homes. We also choose one for a major renovation ($85,000.00). This project has a total cost of $1,179,156.00 and will be funded through CMHC Section 95 Housing Program. This project should be stated in early spring 2014.
  • We have in total 141 CMHC Units, and we encounter the same issues as in the past with rent collection being the major obstacle. We are required by CMHC to collect monthly rent for the CMHC housing totaling $47,500.00, every month ewe encounter a shortfall of $17,000-$21,000. Out of rent collected the shortfall is the money required to maintain and renovate the CMHC houses and to maintain the Replacement Reserves as outlined in our Section 95 agreement.
  • Housing Administration changes for 2013-14 year see Laurie Ballantyne moving over to Housing from Social Development. Anthony Badger is the maintenance worker and we are in the process of hiring a Delivery person.



Housing Report for 2007-08

  • Emergency Renovations
    • At the current time a total of $114,000.00 is committed to emergency Renovations
    • This is usually anything from a window or door replacement under $1,000.00 but can be a lot more, for instance a unit may need a new furnace and this can take up to $15,000.00 of this budget
  • Major Renovations
    • Approximately $163,000.00 has been committed to major renovations.  This allows us to do anywhere from 1–16 units
    • Major renovations are anywhere from $1,000.00 – $20,000.00
    • Many units are in great need of Major renovations and it’s a struggle to meet all the needs of the community with such a limited budget
    • Costs of material have gone up a great deal in the past 25 years and Capital has not seen an increase since the 1980s+
  • Fencing
    • $30,000.00 was committed to a fencing project for the CMHC units in the subdivisions
    • For privacy and sense of ownership
    • Only 10 houses could be done this year due to shortage of funding
    • We hope to do at least 10 units every year until all units in sub-division settings are fenced

Housing Report for 2006-07

  • At this time we have a total of 244 houses on the reserve
  • Our Capital Budget has been frozen at the same level since 1985. The effect of increased labour, material and contract costs has made it difficult to maintain our existing houses and build new houses
  • This year we are working on renovations and replacement of burned houses
  • We’re looking at doing the first phase of fencing in the subdivisions
  • We have advertised for a Housing Coordinator
  • We are planning on developing rural subdivision

New Developments

  • Adult Education Building
    • This year capital will contribute $23,802.00 from Education minor and $10,000.00 from Capital towards this new expansion project
  • New Sub-division
    • Earlier in the year Capital committed $10,000.00 to the research of a possible Rural setting for future housing
    • The results of this research project were not very promising and expensive for the band
    • To build in a rural setting INAC would not pick any costs of the sewage systems and this would cost the Band approximately $500,000.00
    • INAC wanted it paid in as little time as possible
    • To go ahead with this plan would mean Capital Housing would have to give up 3-4 years of its’ budget just to pay for our portion of the plan.  No renovations, no new housing, no housing programs
    • Our other option was to build as in the past, in sub-divisions.  INAC pays 100% of cost
    • These plans were brought to the housing committee and recommendation from the committee was to stay with the sub-division setting as in past years
    • Along with this recommendation from the Housing Committee was another recommendation to include fencing packages with all new units in sub-divisions

Housing Application

Renovation Application