2013 Band Membership Meeting

Community Justice

We have a RCMP sub office located in the west outside of the Reserve. The phone number is 306-953-4452. We also have 4 RCMP housing units on Reserve. I receive monthly reports on Aboriginal policing which are available upon request.

Our Justice Worker is Iris Daniels, who is employed by PAGC. Her office is located at the band office. Her services include advocacy and case work focused on youth. She`s also available to discuss possible and innovative ways to make our community better place to live.

We are currently reviewing bylaws that were made by past leadership and we are looking for better ways to improve the safety of SLFN. Please contact me if your interested in meeting to further discuss more ways to make our community a safe place to live.


We act on the belief that the respect that we have for one another and the work we do together is to make life better in the home and community. The successes we have seen in the area of Justice would not have been possible without the energy, contribution, dedication and continuing commitment of the Justice Advisory Committee. We are working on integrated initiatives that would make use of community assets and provide alternatives to high rates of incarceration.
We have met with the Prince Albert Correctional Centre, the Young Offender Program and the Correctional Service of Canada. Some of the initiatives are:

  • Work in partnership with individuals requiring assistance in court
  • Community Re-integration Agreements
  • Developing Release Plans
  • Community Awareness

The Justice Advisory Committee will be attending the following upcoming workshops in the coming months in order to better serve the needs of membership:

Community Supervision & Partnerships in Northern Saskatchewan Communities Prince Albert – October 27 & 28

The Correctional Service of Canada North Central Saskatchewan will host a symposium to promote community partnerships to strengthen the roles played by communities in the safe reintegration of offenders back into the community. The Justice Advisory Committee has been invited to participate in this upcoming conference and will feature sessions on topics as such:

  • Community Parole supervision
  • The communities role in Section 81 and 84 processes
  • Managing Gangs in Aboriginal communities

Family Violence – Strategies for Intervention Saskatoon November 9 & 10th
Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute Inc. will be hosting a public workshop on the issue of family violence and the strategies for intervention. A framework for assessments as well as intervention strategies will be reviewed. Some of the topics covered:

  • Power and Intimacy in Relationships
  • What keeps People from Disclosing Abuse
  • Creating Safety for Discussion of Abuse
  • Assessing Present Safety for Those at Risk of Being Abused
  • Finding and Using Appropriate Resources

The parties to the Framework Agreement are Canada, Saskatchewan and the FSIN on behalf of the individual CTA signatories who receive policing services under the Framework Agreement. The federal and provincial governments have been covering the cost of the policing force under a 52-48 per cent agreement. In March 2009, SLFN serviced notice to Canada and Saskatchewan that the policing services are inadequate and ineffective and that it will not agree to any further extension beyond March 31, 2010. In order to negotiate a new or revised Framework Policing Agreement we had to examine some of the problems in the current CTA and to address the long standing grievances expressed by several First Nations. While there is a strong and consistent support for policing in general and deep appreciation for their services, factors such as inadequate budgets and resources, and ensuring First Nations entering into community tripartite agreements have sufficient input when developing these agreements. The cost-sharing formula must change and the proposed amendments and its implementation must reflect the reality and needs of First Nations communities and one that is responsive to the needs of our community and residents.

Community Policing
The police serve four communities within our area, Sturgeon Lake, Wahpeton, La Ronge and Montreal Lake. Monthly criminal statistic reports are submitted to the Four nations. The following are the number of occurrences that were received from April to July. This allows you to have an idea to what the members responded to:

Sturgeon Lake FN    April = 145, May = 117, June = 98, July= 94
Little Red FN             April = 62, May =55, June = 44, July = 61
Wahpeton DN           April = 14, May = 24, June = 15, July = 13

Police primary existence is to prevent crime. During the past couple of months, a questionnaire regarding the police service in our community was being conducted and compiled. The overall goal is to assist Officers to be pro=active in our community by being involved in community events, encourage youth interaction or mentoring activities. As well, Members are also expected to hold visitations and presentations in the schools to discuss a variety of topics from drug abuse to police dog service.
Congratulations to Corporal Freeman in his successful promotion to Commander of the 4 Nations Detachment. His replacement is Corporal Ron Umpherville. The members responsible for the policing in our community are Constables, Jack McLean, Crystal Chernichan, Bryan Lefebvre, Mike Linfit and Devon Jonathan.